Saturday, January 30, 2010

Moving The Ball Up The Hill

After a great review meeting with Jim Garrison and his team , it seems as if we are in the final weeks of the design and documentation phase of the project, that includes final plans for the mechanical (including the solar component), electrical, plumbing and structural components of the plan. This rendering illustrates the evolution of the design, including the the windows, the use of wood and exterior finishes.
As we continue to move the ball up the hill, this is the rough timeline for us to reach the "top":

Complete design development 
now - 2/15
Obtain preliminary costing
NYC Building Depart Submission      
Foundation/First Floor Construction
5/15 - 8/1
Module (floors 2-4) Fabrication
5/15 - 8/1
Set Modules on Foundation/First Floor
8/1 - 8/3
Interior/Exterior Finishing
8/3 - 10/1
Certificate of Occupancy/Move - In 

As we look back, the current timeline has us about sixty days behind our original thinking. The complexity of balancing conservation/generation with design has driven many iterations of the design, but at this point it seems all elements are in check.  I am so excited about how this is progressing, what do you think, love to hear from you with thoughts and questions.

BTW, check out new coverage from Metro's International Edition "Adding To It's Appeal" an article about our role in Red Hook's evolution.

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